Bloody Volvo Drivers

Australia has a unique campaign developed in response to a deep cynicism about Volvo drivers. “Bloody Volvo driver” is a phrase relating to drivers so confident in the safety of their vehicle they treat other drivers’ safety with contempt. Euro RSCG Australia developed a campaign around the contemptuous phrase, hoping to turn it round to one of envy. Advertising commentators were skeptical for some time. This could so easily have backfired. Volvo’s sales were already dipping. But it appears the ads helped reverse the trend – people starting thinking about volvos for a younger generation.

Woman and child in Bloody Volvo Drivers TV Ad

A woman drives through traffic, barely tolerating the noise of her daughter’s rattle in the back seat. “The Volvo XC 90 sliding child seat keeps little ones nice and close to Mum.” As the traffic light turns red the woman stops, turns around and confiscates the rattle. Her daughter cheekily says, “Bloody Volvo Driver”. Click on the image below to play the Mother and Child video.

Two men pass each other in the supermarket aisle. One bumps into the other. The ‘accident victim’ looks back and mutters, “Bloody Volvo Driver”. Click on the image below to play the Supermarket video.

A man’s at the lights ready to go when the traffic lights turn green. However the car in front, a Volvo E320, stays still. “Come on, it’s green. What are you doing? Bloody Volvo Driver.” Click on the image below to play the Traffic Lights video.

A couple are talking to an art salesman when the guy loses interest. He’s seen a Volvo pulling up out on the street. The salesman says, “Bloody Volvo Driver.” Click on the image below to play the Art Salesman video.

A motorcyclist passes a car almost colliding with an oncoming Volvo. Sensors detect the rollover risk. Intelligent braking engages. Engine power compensates. The motorcyclist mutters, “Bloody Volvo Driver”. This one is filmed on an American road. Click on the image below to play the Motorcyclist video.


The Bloody Volvo Drivers campaign was developed at Euro RSCG Australia, Sydney, by creative director Dale Rhodes, copywriter Steve Samuel, art director Jamie Buckingham, agency producer Robyn Willis, account supervisor Ben Dawes, working with Volvo marketing director Melissa Bell.

Filming was shot by director Ray Lawrence via Sydney Film Company with director of photography David Williamson and producer Cate Jarman.

Sound was produced at Sound Reservoir.