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For a piece of pop culture on wheels, you can’t go past the Volkswagen. I grew up in a family of 8 kids. We had a 1955 Chevrolet. But for the older siblings getting to school it was the Volkswagen Kombi van. And so I have a soft spot for Volkswagen. Here’s a selection of Volkswgen television commercials featured on The Inspiration Room.

Volkswagen Kombis in television screen


Volkswagen has its origins in 1933 when Adolf Hitler asked Porsche to redesign their vehicle for the common people. With the arrival of war the factory in KdF-Stadt was used to manufacture the Type 81 Kübelwagen (“Bucket car”) utility vehicle and the amphibious Schwimmwagen for the German forces. After WWII KdF-Stadt was renamed Wolfsburg and the factory became a key factor in the rebuilding of West Germany. With the help of New York advertising agency DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach), the Volkswagen soared into worldwide popularity. Ads designed by art director Helmut Krone and copywriters Julian Koenig and Bob Levinson entered popular culture along with what was to become known as the Beetle or Bug.

Two classic print advertisements from this era are “Think Small”, championing the benefits of a small car, and “Lemon”, promoting the quality control processes of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Think Small print advertisement
Volkswagen Lemon print advertisement

“The Volkswagen missed the boat. The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished and must be replaced. Chances are you wouldn’t have noticed it; Inspector Kurt Kroner did. There are 3,389 men of our Wolfsburg factory with only one job; to inspect Volkswagens at each stage of production. (3,00 Volkswagens are produced daily; there are more inspectors than cars.) Every shock absorber is tested (spot checking won’t do), every windshield is scanned. VWs have been rejected for surface scratches barely visible to the eye. Final inspection is really something! VW inspectors run each car off the line onto the Funktionsprüfstand (car test stand), tote up 189 check points, gun ahead to the automatic brake stand and say “no” to one VW out of fifty. This preoccupation with detail means the VW lasts longer and requires less maintenance, by and large, than other cars. (It also means a used VW depreciates less than any other car.) We pluck the lemons; you get the plums.”

Volkswagen currently uses the tag line, “Das Auto”, translated in English as “The Car”. The previous tag line was Aus Liebe zum Automobil (For Love of the Car).

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  • Mally

    Hello… I wonder if you can help… I am looking for a copy of (I think!) the 2001 Modified Boy Racer Golf telly advert… I can’t seem to find it anywhere… The last shot is of a red Golf with a Air Cooler/Spoiler on the bonnet, it’s raining and the Golf ‘cries’… I would appreciate any help with this one as I am really struggling…

  • Where was it shown Mally? I mean in which country?

  • Joel

    just wondering if you know what the song is in a recent VW ad that was shown on greek tv.Its a female singer,french i think,the music is accoustic!

  • maria

    hi i was wondering if you found out the song title after all 🙂 thx

  • despina

    hey i’d like to ask Joel if he found out the name of the song (the french song) cause I’m looking for it too. Thanks

  • Catia

    Prepei na einai to Quelqu’un m’adit? – Carla Bruni.

  • Kris

    I’m afraid it is not “Quelqu’un m’adit”. It is, hoever, Carla Bruni- but some other, unpublished yet piece of music

  • makis

    there must be somewhere..plz if anybody finds it let as the way the lyrics are:le souvenir qui passe petit chagrin me prend […]la vie est un jeu de passion

  • Melanie

    do you have any idea what the music is for the VW Toureg ad that played on NZ tv last year. it has a married couple meeting in the middle of a river. I’ve been looking everywhere and I’d appreciate the help in finding it!


  • Melanie

    found it! i emailed VW NZ and they got back to me! gotta love that customer service – it is Free Association, a project by David Holmes, and the song is Don’t Rhyme No Mo’

  • makis

    melanie…is it available on lime wire??if not..where can i find it??

  • Sian


    I’m after an advert from 1999 and its a UK one. It’s the one where people are all holding up big pieces of card saying what they really feel (there’s a miserable old man who holds up a smiley face)

    ANy ideas on where I can get a copy, I want to show it to my media class.

  • jo

    paidia, to customercare tis VW mou ‘pe oti einai mia diaskevi enos tragoudiou tis Carla Bruni pou den iparxei sto emporio alla ti ftiaksan mono gia diafistikous logous. de mou ‘pan poio tragoudi einai to original omws.

  • bulle

    hello! my grec friends are also looking for the name song of this advert, but i cant find it! please tell me exactly the name of the car, so after looking the advert in yoiu tube, maybe i’ll tell you the name of the song! i’m french, geia sas!

  • stacey

    The greek commercial with the french song is for the taureg.

  • JesSika

    Hey there.
    I am after the song ”love is in the air” The remix, that is playing on your current add in oz.
    Any idea ‘s who it is by and where i can get it.
    Thanks heaps.

  • Victor

    hi…I am also looking for the french song which is played on the greek ad.
    please if you find it, post the title!!

  • Eva

    I’m also looking for VW song on the CURRENT AD SHOWING ON SBS TV Australia. Anyone know it? its in english.

  • larissa

    hi eva! so glad to read your enquiry – the advert has just been release and its driving me mad trying to figure out the song and singer – it sounds so familiar… can anyone help?

  • Victoria

    Yes I am also after that song:
    I’ve tried searching for it on google with the lyrics:
    “I learnt how to dance but i’ve never shown it to you my love”,
    but no luck with any entry?

  • serah

    i found that aussie song sor the VW add. It’s by Basia Bulat and it’s called The Little Wlatz. Anyway type in Basia Bulat lyrics and ou’ll find it.

  • James

    awsome work i have been lookin for the song for a few days now, thanks agian

  • Wilson

    Thanks Serah for the info on the Aussie EOS ad song. Been looking long and hard for it. Such a relief to finally have it 🙂

  • frank

    I’m looking for the french song of the greek spot for the Jetta!!!!(summer 2007). if somebody knows it please tell me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    Thanks for naming that song ‘Little Waltz’. I really liked it and it was driving me crazy because I couldn’t find it!!! THANKYOU =)

  • vag

    Anybody knows the song from the current VW Eos advertisement being broadcast in Greece?
    To avoid misunderstandings, I mean the dark emotional electro tune…any help much appreciated

  • Elyon

    I want to know the name of this song too here is the current VW Eos greek advertisment

  • Elyon

    I found it Deep Dish – I Feel Speed

  • noplacebos

    Hi, the song is I Feel Speed, by Ali Dubfire. Thanks Elyon for the clue.

  • dimitris

    The song is Ali Dubfire – I feel speed (club mix)

  • Akisno1

    Hey guys, i’m looking for a song from a car commercial. It was 100% French song. Female voice and it was upbeat. The only words i caught were “amour” and sth like Bum Bum. Please..I’ve been looking for over 1 year 😉

  • frank

    probably nobody knows the french song in greek spot… i want it!!! help! 🙁

  • Akisno1


  • Ka

    Hi, baby! Oxi, den exw thn apanthsh, eipa na se peiraksw ligo. >;) Filakia

  • Derek

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find the image of a recent volkswagen print ad campaign in Australia that showed a three car garage? Much appreciated.

  • rod logan

    anyone identify the jumbo jet in the ad where the VW 4 wheel drive car pulls the aircraft along the tarmac. The plane looks like a 747 but the engines on each wing are close together.

  • amy

    was searching for the VW EOS ad song and found it here. thank you who ever found it


  • mel

    Please, does anyone know the song on the latest vw commercial i think it’s r&b “my love “? slow song

  • SIN

    THANK YOU SO MUCH SERAH, from november 2007, ive been looking for that song for ages!


  • happy :]

    THANKYOU SARAH! “little waltz” was driving me crazy… such catchy tune!

    Thankyouu <3

  • yusef

    thnx for the song sarah!! – awesome huh?

  • Rachel

    Does anyone know the song in the volkswagen tiguan ad, currently showing in Australia?? I caught some of the lyrics, but i cant find it ANYWHERE! It’s driving me insane.
    “Don’t be shocked, but I’ve been thinking, there’s osme things that we might do.”
    Please Please thankyou thankyou, any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  • jess

    Apparently the song in the Volkswagen Tiguan ad currently showing in Australia was written especially for the ad by the advertising agency, so I don’t think you can download it anywhere 🙁

  • lowinda

    does anyone know who is the comedian who sings in the vw commercial where the neighbour cleans the vw owners car? the lyrics are…..come up to my room….

    • Sharon

      I think you’ll find the “Come Up To My Room” song is sung by English comedian Earl Okin.

  • For those of you who wanted to know, yes, I was singing my own song ‘My Room’ on the Australian Volkswagen advert…Earl Okin. PS I am now ready for international fame and legendhood!

  • Henry

    I’m looking for an old volkswagen TV commercial, made in Brasil,Winner of an Award in the 90’S, about double check in quality control.
    Would somebody help me?