American Express backs Superman and Seinfeld

American Express have taken a fascinating approach to advertising with the online (Flash required) adventures of Jerry Seinfeld (himself) and Superman (as cartoon). The Amex site below takes you to a New York apartment with an interactive environment and a screen set up for video projection.

American Express Lounge on Seinfeld Superman Site

The first movie, Uniform, is set in New York. Jerry and Superman watch some ice hockey, visit a restaurant, buy a DVD player, apprehend a thief and take in a song and dance show – “Yes Wyoming”.

Seinfeld has long been a fan of the Man of Steel, with oblique references to him in several of his TV episodes. He made a Superbowl TV advert for Amex back in 1998 with Superman as well. This time only the teasers are on TV – the ‘real thing’ is online.

Superman’s voice is provided by Patrick Warburton who played David Puddy on Seinfeld.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The American Express campaign, which included “Super Speed”, “Holland Tunnel”, and “Wrong Number” was coordinated by Ogilvy & Mather, New York

The spots were directed by Barry Levinson via @Radical Media.

Note in September 2005

Superman and Seinfeld in American Express Ad

I recently checked the links and found that neither of them are working just now. The good news is that the 5 minute spots “Uniform” and “Hindsight”, along with “Couch Teaser”, “Desert Teaser” and a Today Show feature, can be found online at the home of Toronto flash animators, Unplugged Studio. Click on Branded Content and choose American Express.

The lounge room has been set up for viewers by interactive web designers WDDG.