Pepsi Chain Reaction in Australian TV Ad

Three teenage boys stand by a Pepsi drink dispenser. A bottle pops out but evades capture, escaping on to the street. The would-be owner of the Pepsi dives after it, running into the path of a truck. The truck swerves to avoid him and hits a lamp post. The back door of the truck swings open to release red jelly (jello down under) on to the street, sweeping two professional young women into a jelly wrestling match. The lamp post falls to the ground and knocks over a fire hydrant. A torrent of water drenches a troupe of dancers/cheerleaders emerging from their studio. A garage door opens to reveal a live band, The Pictures, singing “Something I don’t know”. At this point a procession of hot rod cars on trailers surrounded by scantily clad dancers comes around the corner – and is diverted by the fallen lamp post to walk right past the wide-eyed teenage lads.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The punch line…. “Dare For More”. It certainly worked for my teenage son. He’s been asking for extra cash for bottles of Pepsi each day this last month! Pepsi Australia feature the TV advert, along with the music, on their web site at For a limited time only, I would guess.


Pepsi Chain Reaction was directed by Jon Nyquist at Filmgraphics, Sydney, with producer Michael Cook.

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