Land Rover Adventure Quotient

Land Rover is running “Landrover Adventure”, an interactive site inviting visitors to determine their adventure quotient, and choose the appropriate Land Rover. Six television commercials pointing to the site show what happens when adventurers head outside their quotient. A football fan in a Tai Chi class? A backpacker (Jeremy Howard) acing a sumo wrestler ( Tyler Tuione)? A gardening mum (Jacqueline Joseph) pushed into a ‘street luge’? A safari man in a jazzercise class? A weightlifter in a karaoke bar? A man and donkey facing a sky jump? I took the first quiz and came up as a passionate investigative pioneer. Hmm. Could be true…

Landrover Find Your Adventure Quotient site

Landrover Find Your Adventure Quotient site

Click on the image below to play the Donkey video.

Click on the image below to play the Sumo video.


The Landrover AQ campaign was developed at Y&R Brands, Irvine, by executive creative director John Doyle, creative director John Hage, art directors/copywriters Dave Horton and John Fiebke, and agency producer Tricia Hoover.

Filming was directed by Jared Hess (director of the cult movie, Napoleon Dynamite) at Moxie Pictures, with director of photography Munn Powell.

Editing was done by Geoff Hounsel at Lost Planet. Sound was designed at Elias Arts.

The Adventure Quotient site was developed at Barrett Newton.