iPod Your BMW

Apple are developing a movement around the ipod, something like Sony’s Walkman culture last century. BMW is running classic TV spot promoting the seamless connection between the ipod and BMW. My daughter tells me she would just love to buy a BMW so she can use the ipod with it. Mmm…. the seduction of advertising. The ad starts with a guy in an underground parking lot listening to his iPod through his earphones. As he gets into the BMW he connects the iPod to the car’s sound system. Immediately the music bursts to life. He browses through a range of genres, including grunge, hip hop, disco, jazz and industrial. As the music changes the musicans line up to get into the back seat.

Musicians line up by a BMW with iPod

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The microsite introduces viewers to the details.
iPod Your BMW


The advertising campaign was created by Fallon Worldwide with copywriter Mike Ward, art director Steve Sage and agency producer Ted Knutson.

Production company was South African Velocity Films with director Greg Gray, producer Helen Woodfine and DP Tim Pike.

Editorial was done by Brody Howard at Fallon’s in-house Assembly Line.

Sound was mixed at Brahmstedt White Noise.

The spot was shot on location in a downtown underground parking lot in Johannesburg, South Africa using a cast of 32 for the 15 or so different music genres required in the script.