Colorado You Need Fur

Somewhere in Colorado a naked man takes a running leap into a pool in the middle of the ice, cheered on by his woman. As he plunges out again she’s ready with the winter clothes to cover him for their roll in the snow. The voiceover: “Warm Your Cockles and layer up in the new colours of winter… somewhere in Colorado!”

Colorado is an Australian brand known mostly for quality shoes and boots. They’re now promoting their casual range of clothes.

Need Fur Credits

The “Need Fur” TV ad was developed at Junior, Brisbane, by creative director Steve Mionon and art director Terry Whidbourne.

Filming directed by Tori Garrett via Two Little Indians with director of photography Robert Humphreys. Post production was done by Beeps, known as The Post Lounge since September 2004.

Junior, Brisbane, known for their fresh young approach, have described their campaign for Colorado as follows:

“The world of fashion has often been called aloof and cold. Colorado on the other hand is a brand with spirit. A real, cheeky, spontaneous spirit. The spirit of travel. How do you convey that unrestrained joy of life when you’re working within the rather cynical and contrived world of advertising? Particularly retail advertising? With larger than life ideas, of course.”

Don’t overlook the little gems in all the archives of the Diarrhoea section on the Junior web site. There’s some very amusing clips there.