Clemenger BBDO – Australian Advertising Agency

Visit the agencies of Clemenger BBDO in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to view quicktime movies of their recent work. Wait patiently for the lift to sort itself out. Choose your floor on the shockwave flash lift, click on “Work” and select Television, Print or Also check out the feature on how Clemenger BBDO develop advertising campaigns.

Clemenger BBDO Lift Graphic from web site

Included here are Visa – using Pierce Brosnan with reckless rickshaw driver Zhang Ziyi, Lion Nathan’s Hahn-drinking bomb diver (Sydney), Mercedes Dream a little dream (Melbourne) and Royal Childrens Hospital (Brisbane).

I love Harold the Cat’s SA Lotteries commercial. We’re introduced to the elderly owner of Harold the cat. The woman, played by Esme Melville, adores her cat but little does she know that behind her back she’s being taken for a ride. And she’s left everything to her gorgeous Harold.