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Apple have been making top notch tv ads for 20 years. There is no shortage of Apple evangelists. Being a user of Apples since 1982 I feel a sense of belonging to the Apple family – even though I have always been bilingual, using PCs and Apples.

Astronaut holding iBook in Apple TV AdIn 1984 we were treated to the launch of Apple’s Macintosh.
And then came the genius of the “Think Different” campaign – a response to IBM’s motto, “Think”. It was on television that we discovered the iMac, the iBook, the PowerMac, the iPod, the PowerMac, i Photo, Airport, iDVD, iTunes, MacOSX and iMovie.

The best online source I’ve found for all these TV promotions is hosted by Gary L. Gray, associate professor in engineering science and mechanics at Pennsylvania State University: Also take a look at

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