Animal Logic provides VFX for TV Ads

Animal Logic are a Sydney-based digital production company that specialises in visual effects. They’ve worked on many well known movies including Thin Red Line, Babe, The Matrix series, and Moulin Rouge. The web site for Animal Logic is a sheer delight for its innovative and consistent design. Everywhere you go, you’re navigating through a laboratory dedicated to research. There’s a combination of shockwave flash web design and quicktime videos for your viewing. While you’re here, take a look behind the scenes of The Matrix, Moulin Rouge and other recent movies.

Animal Logic Chemistry Set open

TV Commercials highlighted on the Animal Logic site are:
Gatorade: Visitors
Baz Luhrmann: La Boheme
Metroid: Prime
Arnotts: Tiny Teddies

In the Archives you’ll find
Whiskas: Bungee, Spitball
Lucozade Lara: Gargoyles, Get the Energy Edge, Jungle Lara (for Ogilvy & Mather, Ireland) & Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation. Download the whole range of Lara Croft ads at Tombraider Chronicles.

Nintendo: Decisions
Orange: One
Mylanta: Blobbies (J. Walter Thompson)
Smirnoff: Pure Perfection (Catwoman TV ad)
Citibank: Butterfly (Wunderman)

Animal Logic Chemistry Set open

Animal Logic Commercials

Animal Logic Digital Film Bureau

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