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AdForum: Advertising Agency and Creative Work, is another great site for seeing the latest award winning adverts – mostly video but occasionally interactive or print. Each day there’s “Adfolio’s two Ads of the Day”. And a couple of ads profiling advertising agencies. These are shown in mpeg format and are available to see without charge. If you register (also free) you are able to browse through the site, viewing ads in the agency creative work profiles. If you pay for your registration you can pretty well access any of the video clips on the site.

Adforum December 2004

One thing that stands out about the Adforum site is the international nature of its scope. There are pages featuring German, Spanish, French, UK and USA advertising agencies. You can search the site by topic, product, advertising agency, or country and city of origin. A lot of advertising award events list the shortlists and winners but don’t display the actual adverts. Here the agencies have volunteered the material themselves. If you’re wanting to keep up with the latest adverts, this is a site worth visiting daily.

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  • Stan Feldman

    I am trying to get all available information re an American Express Blue Card ad that ran on tv On October 3, 2003. I think the ad is referred to as
    “Cash Well.” I want to know the source of the music used in the ad. The commercial is a cartoon about cowboys from the Old West. In it, there is an old man with a white beard, wearing a small, funny looking
    triangular hat or cap. He is standing in front of a steel safe. The cartoon seems to be from the early 1940’s and the fast paced music being played appears to be from the 1930’s. I was able to access a still (video capture) of the cartoon from the website But I was unable to get any more information. I am trying to acquire the specific music that is played during the commercial if it is available on a cd. I need the name of the musical piece played and the name of the band or the orchestra which is playing the music. Can anyone please assist me?