Excitable Edgar in John Lewis Waitrose Christmas

John Lewis and Waitrose have combined to run the 2019 Christmas advertising campaign featuring a young dragon, excitable Edgar, and his friend Ava. The commercial at the heart of the campaign features an adorable young dragon who is so excited about Christmas that he cannot control the flames from his mouth. As much as he loves snowflakes, making a snowman and ice skating, his flaming tendencies are a menace to village life. Edgar even unwittingly burns the village Christmas tree, dampening everyone’s Christmas spirit. But when his best friend Ava gives him a thoughtful gift from the bakery where she works, just right for an excitable dragon, he realises how much she cares for him. The Excitable Edgar campaign is designed to promote the importance of friendship and thoughtful gestures and includes merchandise and Snapchat interactions, online at jland.partners/ExcitableEdgar.

Excitable Edgar and Ava

Happy GEICOween

GEICO is running “Happy GEICOween”, an advertising campaign using the horror season to promote great insurance choices for home renters, home owners and car owners. Griswalda the witch is the new roommate for two young women who now have a whole new approach to home cooking to get used to. Casper the Friendly Ghost runs a candy-eating haunting on movie night. The GEICO Gecko takes a potential homeowner on a spooky tour of the attic in his new home. And a return to the 2014 classic horror movie stereotype commercial with a group of ill-advised teenagers. The Happy GEICOween campaign includes radio advertising and a series of cooking videos by Griswalda Witchwick.

Griswalda the GEICO Witch Happy GEICOween

McDonalds Great Tastes of the World

McDonald’s in the UK is running a new integrated advertising campaign marking the seventh year of the Great Tastes of the World series of burgers. Each fortnight the restaurant chain is introducing a new hero burger: the French Stack, Canadian Stack, Swiss Stack, Italian Stack, Indian Chicken and Jamaican Chicken. This year’s Great Tastes of the World TV commercials, filmed by director Harold Einstein, use match cuts to show how the exotic flavours of limited-edition burgers can transport customers from humdrum everyday routine to exciting new international locales. The Canadian Stack commercial shows a man and a woman talking about plans for the weekend, squeezed into an ice hockey game, holding their burgers while commuting on the train. Two guys hold their French Stack while riding in the Tour de France, or is it in their yellow or green living room?

McDonalds Great Tastes of the World Canadian Stack

Churchill Chill in new campaign

Churchill, the UK insurance company, has released a new advertising campaign featuring the brand’s canine icon, Churchie. The original nodding dog, who went through a celebrity phase with Martin Clunes and Dawn French, has had a fresh CGI makeover. The Churchill Chill commercial released this month shows the bulldog cruising through a quiet street on a skateboard to the sounds of O.D. by Britney Stoney. “Isn’t this how insurance should make you feel. Oh yes! So you can just… chill!”. Look out for the onesie-wearing humans as well. A second ad, to be released on 28 October, will be accompanied by radio, cinema, blipverts, channel sponsorship, social and a Spotify partnership.

Churchill Chill commercial

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby

To celebrate Land Rover’s worldwide partnership of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Spark44 has created “What Makes Rugby Rugby”, a global campaign to demonstrate that no brand understands the spirit of rugby like Land Rover. The campaign celebrates rugby at a youth grass roots level and is set in countries that are competing in the tournament. It shows how rugby has a place for everyone, whatever shape, size, ability, colour or gender. The values rugby instils in these young players, are values they take with them in life.

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby commercial