Samsung Cares in India Commercial

Samsung India is running a nationwide television and digital campaign showcasing its initiative to take customer service to the doorsteps of consumers in the hinterlands. The campaign film #SamsungService follows Amit (Abhishek Jain), a Samsung customer service engineer on his way to a remote call-out made by a young woman (Drishti). Arriving at his destination after many trials and tribulations, Amit is surprised to find that he is at a hostel for the blind, and that his work has allowed the blind children of the hostel to support their housemate who is participating in a reality singing show on TV. The voiceover: “At times one must venture a little further than usual for the sake of relationships. That’s why Samsung service vans go to every corner of the country”. Launched on Youtube on December 30, the online film has been viewed over 56 millions times. The Samsung Cares campaign film is being shown on 50 television channels and is supported by print and digital elements.

Samsung Cares - Samsung With You Forever

Apple Stroll Down with AirPods

Apple is promoting the AirPods product line with “Stroll,” a 60-second black and white commercial set in Mexico City. Freestyle dancer Lil Buck, wearing white dancing shoes, has his gravitation limitations released when he connects to his iPhone 7’s music using his wireless AirPods. Marian Hill’s track “Down” becomes the soundtrack for a gravity-defying interaction with walls, shop windows, cars and the pavement. Lil Buck is using the gangsta walking dance style developed in Memphis, his home city, otherwise known as jookin’, choppin’, and buckin’. A shorter commercial provides a visual interpretation of the same track “Down”, using white quarter notes to outline the key elements of the piano accompaniment.

Apple Stroll Lil Buck with Airpods

Adidas Y-3 Future of Sports Fashion

Adidas has released the most recent Y-3 Future of Sports Fashion film, promoting the Adidas Y-3 Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The film traverses a futuristic dystopia where the protagonists, Louie and Zlata, find themselves on the wrong side of an authoritarian regime. This world is derived from the unique features and innate details that make up the S/S17 collection. From the artistic underground to the corridors of power, the film is a compelling investigation of political hierarchies. It questions the viability of privacy in a world of state-sponsored surveillance while revealing the shifting interplay between consciousness and memory. Strength, power, protection, creativity, and function struggle to co-exist in this disjointed world.

adidas Y-3 Future of Sports Fashion

Johan & Nyström Speciality Coffee

Johan & Nyström, a coffee roastery in Sweden, has commissioned a package design series for their speciality coffee, a coffee line launched to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in 2014. A set of box designs, each with a distinct coloured seal, represents the countries of origin for Johan & Nystrom coffee beans. Handwriting presents the place of origin and the farm from which the cherries and beans have been carefully selected. The name is written by hand on each seal by the roaster. On the sides of all the boxes are the names of all 147 people who have worked at and with Johan & Nyström since the company began in 2004, and therefore contributed to all the company’s knowledge and coffee expertise. The text also includes the brand history and philosophy. Packages featured include Kainamui Lot 141 from Kenya, Gigisa Lot 5 from Ethiopia, La Sierra Mixteca from Mexico, La Esperanza from Nicaragua.

Johan & Nystrom Specialty Coffee packaging design

Mercedes Encounter Kids

Mercedes-Benz France is promoting the Mercedes Me services with “La Rencontre”, (The Encounter), a commercial featuring a group of children fascinated by their neighbour’s new Mercedes E Class wagon and its remote autopilot feature. First one, then two, four, five, nine, children gather on their bicycles to watch the Mercedes driver arrive home. Music used in the commercial evokes the mood of science fiction and fantasy movies such as E.T. and television series such as Stranger Things.

Mercedes Encounter boy