Churchill Chill in new campaign

Churchill, the UK insurance company, has released a new advertising campaign featuring the brand’s canine icon, Churchie. The original nodding dog, who went through a celebrity phase with Martin Clunes and Dawn French, has had a fresh CGI makeover. The Churchill Chill commercial released this month shows the bulldog cruising through a quiet street on a skateboard to the sounds of O.D. by Britney Stoney. “Isn’t this how insurance should make you feel. Oh yes! So you can just… chill!”. Look out for the onesie-wearing humans as well. A second ad, to be released on 28 October, will be accompanied by radio, cinema, blipverts, channel sponsorship, social and a Spotify partnership.

Churchill Chill commercial

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby

To celebrate Land Rover’s worldwide partnership of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Spark44 has created “What Makes Rugby Rugby”, a global campaign to demonstrate that no brand understands the spirit of rugby like Land Rover. The campaign celebrates rugby at a youth grass roots level and is set in countries that are competing in the tournament. It shows how rugby has a place for everyone, whatever shape, size, ability, colour or gender. The values rugby instils in these young players, are values they take with them in life.

Land Rover What Makes Rugby Rugby commercial

Heineken Rugby Delayed Reaction

Heineken, one of the global sponsors of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, is running “Delayed Reaction”, a global advertisement inviting all viewers to watch and celebrate the games being held in Japan. Young men, watching the game live in Japan, in outdoor and indoor broadcast locations, take their cues from those around them to join the spectator elation. Non-fans are often turned off by rugby – it looks too complicated to be enjoyed. Heineken’s fresh perspective is that the rugby fans are so inclusive, everyone can have fun watching a match – whether you’re a hardcore fan or a newbie. Everyone can become a fan, even if they don’t know all the rules.

Heineken Rugby World Cup Delayed Reaction commercial

Nike Dream Crazy

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” commercial, first aired in 2018, has won the 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial. The Nike Dream Crazy commercial, featuring the voice of controversial NFL player Colin Kaepernick, was launched in September 2018, soon after the outdoor and online campaign featuring the same athlete. Kaepernick had been experiencing harsh criticism for his decision to kneel during the playing of the US national anthem, a protest against police brutality. Nike produced a Twitter post with Kaepernick’s face and the words, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”. The response from the US public was divided, winning and losing support for the brand. Nike’s statement, in each element of the Dream Crazy campaign, put those words into action, reinforcing the 30-year-old mantra, “Just Do It”.

Colin Kaepernicks in Nike Dream Crazy ad

Lacie Monster Hunter

‘Monster Hunter’, a new short film from RSA Films director Alexander Farrell, explores the power of imagination and the importance of dreaming big. Born in collaboration with Seagate Technology’s premium brand LaCie – the film was created to celebrate LaCie’s 30th anniversary. Shot over ten days, from the deep dark waters of Loch Ness, to the depths of the blustery Scottish Highlands, Alexander set out to capture the mystery that surrounds the waters of Loch Ness and the creature below, but what he found was less haunting. The nine-minute film, which was presented at the International Broadcast Conference in Amsterdam, follows the “Monster Hunter” Steve Feltham. Since 1991, Steve has been hunting full-time for proof of the Loch Ness Monster, sacrificing his relationships, home, and career in search of something bigger. A celebration of imagination and freedom, “There’s great power in the imagination” said Monster Hunter Steve, “some grow out of it, others don’t”.

Monster Hunter Steve Feltham in LaCie short film