Tesco Delivering Christmas

Tesco is running “Delivering Christmas”, a time-travelling Christmas advert in which a delivery driver finds himself turning up to range of contexts across the 100 years of Tesco. He delivers festive food hampers to street children in 1920s London, Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street during WWII, the Queen in a 1950s television broadcast, Jim Bowen on 1980s game show Bullseye (the Tesco van replacing a prize caravan), a 1990s rave, parties in the 1970s and 1960s, Father Christmas’s reindeer on a 1970s roof, before returning home to his family Christmas dinner. The ad, inspired by Back to the Future, Terminator and Umbrella Academy, is set to Sleigh Ride, the 1963 hit by The Ronettes.

Tescos Delivering Christmas

Xfinity ET Holiday Reunion

Comcast has launched an holiday advertising campaign featuring the return of Universal Pictures characters ET and Elliott. The 1982 film E.T. brought together a lost extra terrestrial child and Elliott, a boy played by Henry Thomas, along with his little sister, played by Drew Barrymore. 37 years later, Henry Thomas plays the grown-up Elliott, whose son and daughter discover a grown-up E.T. hiding behind a snowman in their back yard. The adventures begin again, this time with the help of a fast internet connection, virtual reality headset, Xfinity-powered tablet. E.T. has his own updated technology that keeps him connected with his family. A 30-second version of the Xfinity ET Holiday Reunion commercial was launched on NBC during coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Syfy, another Comcast-owned channel, played the longer version of the E.T. short during commercial breaks of the original “E.T.” film, which aired on Thursday evening. The 4-minute version is now featured on Xfinity YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, and leads to a microsite, xfinity.com/ET.

XFinity commercial with E.T. and Elliott

Coldplay Daddy at sea

Coldplay has released a music video for their new track, “Daddy”, taken from their new album Everyday Life. The video, produced at Aardman, uses live action puppetry, digitally painted sets and 2D animation to present a young girl alone in a rowboat on the sea. Calling out for her absent father, she encounters symbols of her past relationship: a row of town houses, a kite, a bird, a fish, a whale.

Coldplay Daddy girl in boat

Excitable Edgar in John Lewis Waitrose Christmas

John Lewis and Waitrose have combined to run the 2019 Christmas advertising campaign featuring a young dragon, excitable Edgar, and his friend Ava. The commercial at the heart of the campaign features an adorable young dragon who is so excited about Christmas that he cannot control the flames from his mouth. As much as he loves snowflakes, making a snowman and ice skating, his flaming tendencies are a menace to village life. Edgar even unwittingly burns the village Christmas tree, dampening everyone’s Christmas spirit. But when his best friend Ava gives him a thoughtful gift from the bakery where she works, just right for an excitable dragon, he realises how much she cares for him. The Excitable Edgar campaign is designed to promote the importance of friendship and thoughtful gestures and includes merchandise and Snapchat interactions, online at jland.partners/ExcitableEdgar.

Excitable Edgar and Ava

Happy GEICOween

GEICO is running “Happy GEICOween”, an advertising campaign using the horror season to promote great insurance choices for home renters, home owners and car owners. Griswalda the witch is the new roommate for two young women who now have a whole new approach to home cooking to get used to. Casper the Friendly Ghost runs a candy-eating haunting on movie night. The GEICO Gecko takes a potential homeowner on a spooky tour of the attic in his new home. And a return to the 2014 classic horror movie stereotype commercial with a group of ill-advised teenagers. The Happy GEICOween campaign includes radio advertising and a series of cooking videos by Griswalda Witchwick.

Griswalda the GEICO Witch Happy GEICOween