The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

Apple is promoting the latest Siri features with a commercial featuring The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. The commercial, “The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day”, has the actor, producer and professional wrestler using Siri to tick off items on his life long bucket list. In a whirlwind of activity he uses Siri’s connection with FaceTime, email, camera, weather, iTunes playlist and the the transportation network Lyft. The ego-driven character takes over the driving of a Lyft ride to the airport, commandeers the pilot’s seat of a flight scheduled to fly to Accra, Ghana and heads to Rome. He manages to contribute to the restoration of a church fresco, checks in with his new fashion line in Japan, providing the commentary for his earth, fire, water and rock fashion show, competing with French chef Ludo Lefebvre, playing a Chinese zither in concert, and taking a selfie in space. Several items from The Rock’s life goal list are achieved before dropping back into the set of his latest sci fi movie. Apple is pointing viewers to the Siri site:

The Rock x Siri commercial

Volkswagen Humans Adapt

Volkswagen France is running “Humains”, a commercial promoting the brand’s environmental credentials. Earlier in the month the French government announced plans to phase out petrol and diesel powered vehicles by 2040. The Volkswagen Humans campaign responds with the promise of adaptation. People have always adapted to their environment, often without realising, whether it be eating in space, going to school through deserts and forests, sleeping heaped up in hotel capsules in Tokyo, finding ingenious solutions for entertainment, refreshment, or communications, or even learning to put on makeup in the bus. Today, city dwellers perpetuate this tradition of adaptation. Volkswagen’s Golf is presented as part of the move toward electric vehicles, rechargeable hybrids, running on bioethanol and other technical advancements.

Volkswagen Humans commercial - man eating apple in space

Vogel’s What do you bring

Goodman Fielder in New Zealand is running “What Do You Bring?”, a new brand platform for the iconic Vogel’s bread, celebrating the uniqueness of Kiwis, and of the bread they love. The idea centres around the true life stories of eight Kiwis that all bring something special to the table. None of them had met and all of them were kept in the dark about the project, not knowing anything about what they were doing and what they were there. Only knowing they were doing a commercial with Vogel’s, and they would tell their individual stories. On July 1, the group was seated at a table together, broke bread and told each other their personal stories. As they did so, the group came together in laughter and respect, connecting with each other in the unique way Kiwis do. It’s a simple but powerful observation, and celebration of the fabric of this modern New Zealand. The campaign includes a three minute launch spot, 60 and second edits, online content at, outdoor, POS, social, and digital advertising.

Vogel's What do you bring - faces

IKEA Lion Man – Relax into greatness

IKEA UK’s latest advertising campaign features Lion Man, a symbol of the importance of relaxing and recharging in one’s living room so we can go on to do great things. Based on the fact that lions spend up to 18 hours a day at rest, the campaign follows the story of a Lion Man as he recharges in his living room before springing to life and revealing himself to be a father in costume preparing for his child’s party. The IKEA Lion Man campaign aims to highlight the importance of recharging our bodies and minds and inspire people to relax more, by celebrating the living room as the one room in the home where we can unashamedly rest and relax. The online film connects viewers with the Wonderful Everyday site .

IKEA Lion Man

We Are America – Love has no labels

The Ad Council’s “We Are America” commercial, part of the Love has no labels campaign, is one of the nominations for Most Outstanding Commercial at this year’s Emmy Awards. Launched for Independence Day 2016, the We Are America ad featured American professional wrestler, rapper, actor and reality television show host John Cena reflecting on patriotism and love of country. Having invited his viewers to close their eyes and imagine the typical American, he proceeds to walk through the streets, providing statistics on the exceptions to the white male stereotype with representatives of these groups appearing in the background. The commercial celebrates love and acceptance of all communities regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability. The commercial was supported by a wide-ranging digital campaign, including an opportunity for people to submit photos to demonstrate the diversity that makes up America.

We Are America John Cena