Ford MAX Motor Dreams

Ford in Spain is promoting the Max vehicle range with “Max Motor Dreams”, a baby crib that reproduces the movements, lights and sounds of a parent’s car. Parents are able to use an app to collect data from different routes as they drive, to be replicated later for the sake of their sleeping children at home. Online at, the campaign invites potential customers to take a test drive in a Max and go in the draw for their crib. “When it seems that everything is lost, we have that last wildcard we trust, the run-run of the engine, the movements, the curves, the lights of the roads. But why move from the living room if we can do it in a click? Imagine that your baby’s crib, controlled by an app, was able to reproduce the most calming routes to your baby. The route of going to the village to see the grandparents, the tour of when we go to see the cousins, wander through the center…”

Max Motor Dreams baby

INCA Routine Check for colorectal cancer

The French National Institute for Cancer (INCA; l’institut national du cancer) is running a film-noir themed commercial, Un Contrôle de Routine (Routine Check), as part of Mars Bleu, a month focused on colorectal cancer. Although colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer in France with 18,000 deaths a year, it goes largely unacknowledged. With a 1950s detective film style and clunky sound effects, the black and white and studio-shot film presents colorectal cancer as a serial killer hurrying through the night down a deserted road where seemingly nothing is able to stop him. That is, until a simple routine check puts an end to his flight. The Routine Check film encourages men and women over the age of 50 to go for a check-up, as if the cancer is detected, in 9 out of 10 cases it can be cured.

INCA Routine Check

Alien Meet Walter by AMD & Weyland-Yutani

Twentieth Century Fox’s (FOX) action-thriller Alien: Covenant, hitting theaters May 19, marks visionary director Ridley Scott’s return to the universe he created. FOX has tapped Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to be the official CPU/GPU partner for Alien: Covenant and has released this branded short, Meet Walter starring Michael Fassbender as his character Walter. As the centerpiece of the #MeetWalter campaign, this short introduces Walter, the latest synthetic android with intelligence powered by AMD (NASDAQ: AMD), RyzenTM and RadeonTM processors, and manufactured by the film’s fictional corporation Weyland-Yutani. Walter is presented as the world’s most advanced synthetic companion, created to serve and designed to help achieve a better human experience with intelligence. The Meet Walter campaign includes a limited-edition poster and a Twitter activation allowing users to tweet #MeetWalter to receive a personalized video autoreply from Walter.

Alien Covenant Meet Walter with drink

Not Special Needs Just Human Needs

CoorDown, Italy’s national organization for people with Down syndrome, has launched a conversation-changing initiative, #NotSpecialNeeds, with the goal of driving a cultural shift in the approach to Down syndrome awareness. The Not Special Needs campaign, introduced in time for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, features a digital film entitled, Not Special Needs, spotlighting the paradox in the term, ‘special needs.’ The film stars Lauren Potter, the popular actress with Down syndrome who played the role of Becky Jackson in Glee, and John McGinley, best known for his role as Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs, and whose 18-year old son Max has Down syndrome. The supporting cast includes, among others: Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt, two friends with Down syndrome who created the movie Spring Break Zombie Massacre, and Jared Kozak, the recognized actor with Down syndrome known for Orson’s Last Dance, Leader of the Pack and Teens Wanna Know. The campaign is online, and is supported with social amplification on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as #NotSpecialNeeds.

Not Special Needs Armour

KFC Irish Chicken on St Patrick’s Day

KFC UK and Ireland is marking St Patrick’s Day with the promotion of their 100% Irish O’Sanders Feast bucket. The O’Sander’s Feast includes 14 pieces of 100% Irish chicken, four servings of mashed potato, two sides, eight onion rings and a 1.5 litre bottle of soft drink. The bucket is available in Ireland until 23 April. The KFC Irish chicken in the KFC O’Sanders Feast is 100% Irish. But 100% Irish just ain’t enough for American marketing man Randy O’Brien. To make the feast 200% more Irish he delves into as many Irish stereotypes as he can find.

KFC Irish Chicken