Nefta Football Club lines up

Nefta Football Club, a short film set in the south of Tunisia, is one of the nominations for an Oscar in the short film category at the 2020 Academy Awards. Two football fan brothers, Mohamed and Abdallah, ride on a motorbike debating the merits of Algerian footballer Riyad Mahrez and Argentinian Messi. They bump into a mule lost in the middle of the desert on the border of Algeria and Tunisia. Strangely, the donkey wears headphones over its ears, and is carrying a valuable load of white powder. The younger of the boys knows just the use for that white powder. In the meantime, two drug smugglers, Salim and Ali, are looking for their mule. It turns out the drug mule was trained to head over the border with the sounds of Adele’s “Someone like you”. Unfortunately the donkey’s been listening to Check Hadel. Back in town, the two boys have quite different ideas about what to do with the “laundry powder”.

NEFTA Football Club

Nike Great Chase for Chinese New Year

Nike is running “The Great Chase”, a commercial designed to connect with Chinese New Year. The Great Chase commercial connects with the Chinese custom of giving gifts of money in red envelopes known as hongbaos (红包) every Lunar New Year. While this tradition is practiced with many variations, generally family elders gift these red pockets to the young, who return the favor once they are grown up and married. Thus the cycle of good fortune is received and returned in kind. As a show of respect, it is proper etiquette to politely decline these gifts when presented, but to eventually accept them as a sign of respect. But what happens when the game is taken to another level? One child is determined to find out. The ad is for Nike’s new line of Chinese New Year-themed footwear, inspired by the last four cycles of the Year of the Rat.

Red Envelope in Nike Great Chase commercial

Douwe Egberts Something to Share

Belgian coffee company Douwe Egberts is gaining worldwide attention with “Something to Share”, a TV commercial featuring two teenage girls, their budding romance, and their dad. The two girls have their intimate moment interrupted when Dad returns home, and embarrassed, race up the stairs. Dad calls his daughter down with a text message consisting of three coffee emojis. Sure enough, he’s prepared the table for three, with brewed coffee shared as an expression of generosity and warmth. The commercial follows on from the impact of “The Third Cup”, a similar advertising campaign launched by Douwe Egberts four years ago. However this time the video has gone viral on Twitter, amassing over 12 million views on one viewer’s post of the video on Twitter on January 15.

Douwe Egberts Something to Share

The Neighbors’ Window

The Neighbors’ Window, a short film by Marshall Curry, has been nominated for an Oscar in the live action short film category at the Academy Awards. The 20 minute short film tells the story of Alli, a mother of two young children who has grown frustrated with her daily routine and husband, Jacob. But her life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-somethings move in across the street and she discovers that she can see into their apartment. The short film has its own microsite: See the film below and a few notes from the director.

The Neighbors' Window

Heineken Daniel Craig vs James Bond

Heineken® is running “Daniel Craig vs James Bond”, a commercial tied in with the April release of the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die. The TV commercial, which will be shown in over 75 countries, gives a fresh perspective on Daniel Craig’s iconic portrayal of James Bond. Filmed in the Spanish towns of Tamarit and Cardona, the Daniel Craig vs James Bond commercial shows the actor attempting to take a relaxed undercover break, despite being seen by the locals as James Bond himself. His taxi driver provides a stirring ride up the hill worthy of a James Bond movie. When he gets out he realises that he’s left his passport and wallet in the taxi. Craig takes inspiration from his alter ego to race through the streets and plaza to intercept the driver. Entering the castle he must suit up, thus becoming the suave James Bond. However he draws the line at taking a martini, instead opting for a Heineken beer, alcohol included. After all, he’s not working.

James Craig vs James Bond commercial with taxi