Lacie Monster Hunter

‘Monster Hunter’, a new short film from RSA Films director Alexander Farrell, explores the power of imagination and the importance of dreaming big. Born in collaboration with Seagate Technology’s premium brand LaCie – the film was created to celebrate LaCie’s 30th anniversary. Shot over ten days, from the deep dark waters of Loch Ness, to the depths of the blustery Scottish Highlands, Alexander set out to capture the mystery that surrounds the waters of Loch Ness and the creature below, but what he found was less haunting. The nine-minute film, which was presented at the International Broadcast Conference in Amsterdam, follows the “Monster Hunter” Steve Feltham. Since 1991, Steve has been hunting full-time for proof of the Loch Ness Monster, sacrificing his relationships, home, and career in search of something bigger. A celebration of imagination and freedom, “There’s great power in the imagination” said Steve, “some grow out of it, others don’t”.

Monster Hunter Steve Feltham in LaCie short film

Orange on Digital Responsibility

Orange is running an advertising campaign, Digital Responsibility, aimed at parents considering their children’s use of digital devices. The Orange Digital Responsibility awareness campaign is designed to ensure that digital services remain a genuine opportunity for everyone, without the downsides. Digital services give people an unprecedented ability to communicate, learn, entertain, share and connect with each other. With appropriate use, online media has the ability to empower all who have access to it. But digitalisation also comes with considerable risks, and this is increasingly becoming a source of concern both for society as a whole and for Orange’s customers. At the heart of the campaign is a film, “Being Human”, exploring a parent’s internal reflections as he prepares to give his daughter her first smartphone. His conflicted thoughts around introducing his daughter to the digital world simultaneously lead him to observe his own digital habits as an adult. The film deals with the sense of responsibility that parents feel towards their children regarding the way they interact with the digital world and the importance of using their screens safely and responsibly.

Orange Digital Responsibility - girl in team

Quit for your pets sake

Quitline NZ is encouraging New Zealanders to consider the effects of smoking on their pets with “Quit for your pets”, an integrated advertising campaign. A two minute film features the relationship between a man and his dog, with the dog’s health declining due to cancer linked with second-hand and third-hand smoke. “Your best mate will follow you anywhere, but if you’re a smoker, where are you really leading them? Emotionally charged and beautifully shot, the spot comes to a conclusion around the all-too-relatable experience many people have had when their time with a beloved animal comes to an end. And the realisation, for smokers, that there’s something tangible they can do to stave that day off for longer with the help of Quitline. The full-length film is supported by teaser videos and targeted messaging on social media. Each part of the campaign leads viewers with a smoking habit to the Quitline website,, to learn more and sign up to quit for their pet’s sake.

Quitline Quit For Your Pet commercial - dog and man

Apple Underdogs at work on Pizza Box

Apple has released a 3 minute commercial, “The Underdogs”, featuring a team of four creatives who take on the challenge of pitching a design for a round pizza box. The drama hinges on a work car park accident and leads to two days of intense brainstorming, analysis and collaboration. The final scene has the wonder team in the elevator on their way to meet with Vivienne, with the tag line “Apple at work”. The light hearted short film is a call back to Apple’s patent of the round pizza box design, developed by Apple caffe maestro Francesco Longoni and senior packaging engineer Mark E. Doutt. The box is used by Apple employees to take pizzas back to their offices.

Apple Underdogs team in elevator with pizza box design

Sea Shepherd raise plastic awareness

Sea Shepherd, a global NGO focused on conservation of marine wildlife, is using depictions of tortured animals to raise awareness of the impact of plastic debris. A simple plastic bag seems harmless, but it can represent extreme suffering – and even death – for thousands of animals in the oceans. Two key images show a turtle and a seal suffocating, their heads trapped in plastic bags. The caption: “The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever.” In Portuguese: “O plástico que você usa uma vez tortura o oceano para sempre”. The ads show seals and turtles in extreme agony after coming in contact with plastics from items used in our daily lives and generally discarded without any special care. In addition to the print and posters, social media and digital media pieces have been developed, and further information about the negative impact of plastics in the oceans is available at The online content also highlights tips to reduce the use of plastic on a daily basis.

Sea Shepherd turtle with head caught in plastic bag