Dermodex Unphotographed Album for Late Adopters

Reckitt Benckiser nappy rash brand Dermodex has launched the Unphotographed Album (O Álbum Nunca Fotografado), in association with Brazilian National Adoption Day (May 25). Late adoption in Brazil is still rare in Brazil, often associated with various myths and prejudices. Today, 92% of children who are waiting for adoption are over 7 years old. However, of the 37,000 parents who want to adopt, only 9% welcome children of that age or older, according to data from the National Justice Council. Dermodex brand worked with BETC São Paulo to run an experiment with three Brazilian families, allowing late-adoption parents to see themselves, for the first time, with their children in what would have been special moments from their birth day to the present.

Dermodex Unphotographed Album

World Cup History Will Be Made with BBC Tapestry

The BBC is running “History Will Be made”, a marketing campaign for the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia. Every World Cup has a host of iconic moments and everyone has their own individual favourite that immediately takes you back to that time and place. The campaign trailer, “The Tapestry”, takes a journey through World Cup history via the skill of Diego Maradona, the flair of Zinedine Zidane and the emotion of Paul Gascoigne, with a preview of the most exciting talents of this year’s finals including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Harry Kane. The BBC Tapestry film is only the beginning of a campaign which will continue through to the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup series in Russia.

BBC Tapestry for FIFA World Cup 2018 - Messi and Ronaldo

It’s a Tide Ad

David Harbour, known for his role as Chief Jim Hopper in the Netflix drama series Stranger Things, provides cameo after cameo in Procter & Gamble Super Bowl commercial “It’s A Tide Ad”. Aired during the NFL Super Bowl LII 2018, the Tide Ad series has David Harbour claiming that every time you see clean clothes in a Super Bowl commercial, it’s a Tide ad. The TV and movie star takes viewers on a journey spanning a wide variety of advertising clichés selling cars, insurance, perfume, pain relief, Coca Cola and beer. How do these seemingly random ads relate to Tide? Well, it’s simple. If you see clean clothes, it’s a Tide ad. David Harbour playing tennis? Tide ad. David Harbour as an insurance adjuster? Nope. Tide ad. David Harbour sitting on the back of a Lithuanian Long horse, flanked by Old Spice pitchman Isaiah Mustafa? Tide ad. How about David Harbour mopping the floor in all white, dressed like Mr. Clean from the 2017 Super Bowl? Yes, even that is a Tide ad. By now you get it. Whenever you see clean clothes, it’s a Tide ad.

It's a Tide Ad with David Harbour and Isaiah Mustafa on a horse

Lamb Side Story unites Australian left and right

MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia) is running “Lamb Side Story”, an advertising campaign encouraging Australians to put aside their differences and embrace a summer ‘Lambnesty’. The commercial at the heart of the campaign provides a song and dance homage to the West Side Story musical. A modern day lamb barbecue set in a suburban cul de sac is momentarily threatened by a showdown between the right wing (in blues and greens) and left wing (in reds and pinks), recreating a scene from the Jets and Sharks. With the stage set, Australia’s diverse opinions go head to head, before ultimately showing that lamb is the one thing that brings everyone together.

Lamb Side Story commercial

Don’t You Forget About Me – State Farm

State Farm is running “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, a commercial featuring the 1985 Simple Minds hit in the context of a soup kitchen, supporting the insurance company’s Neighborhood of Good movement. The holidays are a popular time to get involved and give back, but when the decorations come down and the season of giving ends, there are still people in need in the community. The commercial reminds viewers that the season of giving never ends, and highlights the importance of giving back regardless of the time of the year. In one seamless camera movement, the creative tells a story that emphasises the need for volunteers year-round.

Willis Earl Beal in State Farm commercial Don't You (Forget About Me)